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Training Methodology

First and foremost, I consider my delegates as mature, responsible and intelligent professionals . Htiect provides in house and distance learning training programs for Industry employees, engineering universities, colleges, institutes and industrial training centers.

All of my presentations and workshop practices mate the audience aware about the importance of their work, the difference they make their responsibility. They are provided a degree of choice, autonomy and power over their learning experience and also provided them with latest tools for their future growth.

I am assure about the quality of work at Htiect which will help to improve results by prompting change. Various training and learning techniques are employed during the delivery of sessions.

My workshops always blend a degree of “attitudinal” training with “skills” work. The very top performers think and behave differently and we model their excellence.
The way the workshops are constructed is important: Each training session has one full learning cycle running from start to finish and, within this cycle, every module of that training is a complete learning cycle
For this workshop I use a combination of up-front presentation, group work, individual work, role-play and feedback.

More care is taken to accommodate different learning preferences and all types of learners through the exercises, tools and examples. The high-level skills training I deliver – whilst not very common – is not particularly complex once broken down. Enabling teams to absorb, embrace and live it in the longterm is my specialty and is the basis for my reputation within the academic and industrial sector as a trainer and technical writer.

Finally, management understanding and promotion of the skills provided