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TRAINING We Provide:

HTIECT Provide Training / Technical writing skills  for Advise & for Improvements in the below mentioned fields for Senior Engineers, Young Engineers, Non Engineers and Technicians.

Ways of learning are as follows:

  •  On the Job

  •  Theory Based

  •  Theory + Workshop Practice

  •  Distance Learning

Fields of Trainings

1. Rotating Equipment’s: (Operation, maintenance & troubleshooting)

2. Pumps & Compressors Technology: (Operation, maintenance & troubleshooting)

3. Sealless Magnetic Drive Pumps: (Basic principles, Applications and servicing)

4. Boiler Operations: (Fundamentals Basic and Operation)

5. Decanter Machine: (Centrifuge) & its operation: (Operation, servicing and maintenance)

6. Control Valves: (Manual & Pneumatic Control Valves Servicing, Testing & Installation)

7. Vessels and Storage Tanks: (Skills & knowledge)

8. Heat Exchangers: (Servicing, testing & installation)

9. Piping and Pipeline Engineering: (Design, construction, operation, and maintenance)

10. Steam and Gas Turbine Power Plants: (Working principle, maintenance & servicing)

11. Renewable Energies: (Importance & working principle)

12. Plant Maintenance: (Hands on working skills on Static & rotating equipment’s)

13. Shaft Alignment: (Basic, dial indicator method and laser shaft alignment)

14. Maintenance and Reliability: (Basic, advance knowledge and modern skills)

15. Welding Technology: (Working skills theory and hands on)

16. Diesel Engines: (Operation, maintenance & trouble shooting)

17. Petrol Engines: (Operation, maintenance & trouble shooting)

18. General and Plant Safety: (Safe work practices, Plant and equipment safety procedures)

19. Entrepreneurship Development: (Merging Entrepreneurship into Mechanical Engineering)

20. Small & Medium Enterprises- SMEs: (Basic knowledge, Linkages of SMEs to large industries, set up, business development)

21. Plant Services: (maintain, repair, replace, overhaul and operations)

22. Metrology and Quality Control: (Inspection & measurement methods)

23. Workshop Technology: (Basic, safety & types of workshop operations)

24. Quality Management: (Working knowledge of activities, tasks and preparation of method statements)

25. The Fundamentals of Turbo-machinery

26. Mechanical & Industrial Engineers Carrier Skills & Guidelines: (Skills enhancement for ME & Industrial Associate & Bachelor’s degree Fresh Engineering Graduates

27. Heat Exchanger: Inspection, Testing & Cleaning Method Techniques

28. Reciprocating Compressors: Operation, Maintenance & Troubleshooting

29. Valve Technology Applications: Selection, Installation & Troubleshooting

30. Rotating Equipment: Putting Theory into Practice

31. Fundamentals of Rotating Equipment for Industrial Applications

32. Mechanical Power Transmission Tools: UTILIZATION & Fault Finding

33. Steam Power Plant: Layout System & Equipment Operation

34. Safety Relief Valves: Inspection, Maintenance & Repair

35. Compressors: Operation, Maintenance & Troubleshooting

36. Gas Turbines: Layout Operation Equipment & Accessories

37. Pipeline: Inspection and Repair Techniques

38. Machinery Bearings: Lubrication & Reliability

39. Fans & Blowers: Operation, Maintenance & Troubleshooting

40. Valve Technology Applications: Selection, Installation & Troubleshooting

41. Mechanical Seals: Selection, Installation & Troubleshooting

42. Pumping Station & Pipelines Integrity: Operation & Troubleshooting

43. Mechanical Equipment: Compressors, pumps, Seals, Motors and Variable- Speed Drives

44. Mechanical Seals & Dry Gas Seals

45. Control Valves: Selection, Installation & Maintenance

46. Industrial Pumps: Selection, Installation, Operation, Performance, Control, Maintenance & Troubleshooting

47. Boilers: Operation & Performance

48. Air Compressors: Troubleshooting (Problems, Causes & Solutions)


1. Rotating Equipment Machinery, Engineering and Management

2. Training of Trainers (TOT)

3. High Level CUSTOMISED Training for Junior and Newly Graduated Engineers to become a Project Leader